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A task assistant for connecting, coworking, and collaborating

Why use Confluo?

Join the community of hard-working individuals that support one another in achieving their goals
Connect with your friends and like-minded people and co-work or collaborate
Streamline your daily tasks with built-in task organisation and recommendation
Gather and track skills and achieve flow with focussed sessions

Protect what's private. Share what's relevant
Event - Private vs Public.png
  • When an event is added to calendar its highlight gets with your friends
  • The title of the event remains private
  • highlight can be left blank if you do not wish to inform your followers.
  • Skills build up automatically as you add events to calendar
  • Skills are automatically inherited from the tasks that are used to create events
  • Track the number of hours you have put in for different skills at your profile page
Your CV of skills builds up automatically
Manage Tasks with Activities
  • Organise tasks into different activities or projects
  • Invite others to collaborate on an activity or project
  • Boost your productivity with Focus Mode
  • Get reminders for short breaks with Pomodoro
Stay Focused with Focus Mode

How to use Confluo

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Confluo is free and ad-less

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Confluo Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 14126166

Correspondence Address: Confluo Ltd, 124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX


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